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Trauma Sensitive 
Krav Maga and Boxing Options 

Live and breathe an uplifting, positive mindset with Krav Maga and Boxing for emotional regulation, self defense, expression and confidence.

All of our groups and services are trauma sensitive, which simply means safety and consent comes first!

Boxing/Krav Maga Training

Sessions for Individuals, Families and Groups

Build confidence and personal strengths, while learning Krav Maga and boxing that can save your life. Super strengthening for kids and families to embark on the journey of expression, empowerment and growth together. Great for:

  • Bully Prevention

  • Aliya transition

  • Safety skills

  • Boundary setting

  • ADHD, Anxiety, Depression

  • Fitness, focus, feeling great

Book sessions for kids, Families, individuals and groups.


Family Training Sessions

Empower the whole family with mental and physical readiness

The power of being able to protect oneself impacts the entire way we see ourselves. Now imagine that powerful ability developing together with your family or your parents or siblings? The togetherness and joint sense of achievement is large part of the journey in our family sessions. Start with your family to enjoy the support, motivation and growth as you feel empowered and fit all together.


Trauma Sensitive Kickboxing

Reconnect with yourself, and unleash your power

Reconnect with your body, while discovering your inner power.  Practice mindfulness techniques for living in the present moment, while releasing pent up feelings both emotionally and physically.


Women's in Person Krav Maga/Boxing 

Jerusalem and Modiin, Israel

Join other super ladies as we learn how to unleash the individual inner powers in each of us! Unlock our freeze response and practice skills for emotional and physical safety. Get mentally and physically fit each week, while we punch and stand strong in mental and emotional readiness!

Boxing Gloves

Take the first step towards empowerment and book your training today!

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