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Book a workshop for your own group

Bring Boxing Therapy to your group, organization, classroom, work place or community. Groups for healing, processing, joining, trauma response, self defense and more. Be in touch to learn how boxing can help your group succeed.

Finally an opportunity for emotional and physical expression and relief, especially amidst today's current stressors and daily unpredictability. 

Utilizing mindfulness and balance, self defense techniques and core body work, embark on a journey for harnessing one's own unique strengths and powers.

1, 4 or 12 part workshops to harness inner power and benefit from:

  • Mindfulness and Breathing

  • Expression and release of pent of emotions, 

  • Balance and strengthening both in body and mind,  

  • Body awareness and energy boosting

  • Self Defense and bully prevention and intervention

  • Self care

  • Physical fitness

Book a Workshop
Boxing on the Beach
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