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Oleg Frolov, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, CMSRN
Tampa, Florida, USA

Oleg has over 20 years of experience in boxing, holding certifications from USA Boxing and Boxing Therapy (of Israel). With a decade as a coach and cornerman at amateur and professional levels (20 years total boxing experience), he emphasizes the USA Boxing curriculum to build a solid foundation for his fighters. Additionally, Oleg is an advanced nurse with a master’s degree in nursing education and 15 years of experience. He holds advanced certifications in Nursing Professional Development (NPD-BC) and Medical-Surgical Nursing (CMSRN). Combining his nursing expertise and boxing experience, Oleg brings a unique approach to Boxing Therapy, integrating fighting and therapeutic principles. He sees boxing as a sport that mirrors life’s rhythm and cycle.

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Oleg specializes in tailoring boxing training to diverse client needs and fitness levels. From coaching boxing for fitness for recreational enthusiasts to training competitive fighters, he adapts his approach accordingly. Notably, Oleg recently integrated the Boxing Therapy program into his coaching style. Leveraging his medical expertise, he enhances his clients' understanding of anatomical and physiological processes involved in fighting in and outside of the ring. This includes explaining defense, offense, and body mechanics, the neurochemistry of the sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous systems, and the fight or flight response, for example.

Life's journey resembles a series of fights, and boxing instills the same mindset crucial for success in a fight or in other aspects - work, home, relationships, etc. Just as a boxer prepares for a fight with discipline and focus, so does one prepare for significant life events like an important meeting, big purchase, argument, illness, etc. Sports, especially boxing, build stress tolerance among other things, highlighting the interconnectedness of physical and emotional resilience. Confidence is equally vital, echoing this symbiotic relationship. The same philosophy can be applied to other fundamental life principles such as balance, discipline, and respect.

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Recently, I realized that my passion for boxing and my nursing career could intersect in a meaningful way. This realization has ignited my excitement to blend the two in my coaching journey. I have a clear vision of how I can guide clients in achieving their mental and physical goals. I often liken it to practicing good mental hygiene, similar to how a dentist might advocate for dental flossing. I am thrilled to integrate these mental hygiene principles not only into my coaching but also into my own daily routine.

Name: Oleg Frolov, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, CMSRN

Location: Tampa, Florida, USA

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