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Boxing Therapy Services

It's a warrior sort of thing.

Individual Therapy

Work one on one with a Boxing Therapy provider to design a specially catered program to meet your unique needs and goals.  A free intake will help determine the right boxing therapist from our staff of mental health professionals and fitness providers.  Each session is 50 minutes and provides a combination of boxing and traditional therapy methods.  In person and online options are available.

Group Boxing Therapy

Train together with other people who share similar challenges or goals in common.  Each group incorporates boxing fitness and mindfulness approaches to benefit both emotionally and physically as you become connected to a mission larger than yourself.

Trauma Sensitive Training

At Boxing Therapy, being trauma-sensitive means creating a supportive space where our clients can heal and grow, regardless of their background or experiences. It means prioritizing consent, emotional well-being, and safety, while using personalized techniques that are guided by empirically-based approaches. Our goal is to empower our clients through boxing, kick-boxing and Krav Maga, and help them find healing and resilience in a safe and supportive environment.

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School and Community Programs

Boxing Therapy is empowering students in schools across Israel, as well as in community programs in North America. School programs are catered for healthy development, physical and emotional outlets, bonding together over a shared and powerful goal and do not require equipment on site. Programs are built based on the needs and we can send our own staff or train in house staff.

Individual and Group Boxing Therapy for
Depression, Anxiety and Stress Relief
Empowerment post Trauma
ADHD and Autism
Bully prevention and intervention
Emotional Regulation
Anger Management


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