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Boxing Therapy Training

Online and in person training in Boxing Therapy for Professionals

Mental Health Professionals can learn how to use boxing and mindfulness for their clients' healing and empowerment.

Personal trainers can understand the power they hold in helping their clients emotionally, and not only physically.

Mental Health Professional Training

Learn Boxing Therapy techniques to integrate into your own therapy practice. Techniques for emotional expression, healing from trauma, healthy brain and hormone functions and mindfulness skills.  No equipment necessary although can provide extra support. Grow your clientelle with these skills for a variety of populations.

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Personal Trainers and Boxing Coaches

Learn Boxing Therapy techniques to help your clients maximize the potential from your sessions.  Offer your clients mindfulness tools and emotional regulation, while they are benefiting physically.  Grow your clientele or start a new career helping people actualize their best selves through this empowering, physical and mental skill set.

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Learn More about our training classes

Boxing Therapy Training is offered online and in person.  The courses range from 2 hr intro options to full boxing therapy certification in 16 hrs.  Please leave your details and we will be in touch.

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