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Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, I'm possible.


Therapy + Boxing Combined

When talking it out just isn't enough, step up the therapy with boxing fitness. Each session is infused with traditional talk therapy and boxing fitness all in one.  The client gets to literally punch out emotions, while creating and working towards individualized therapeutic goals. Boost your confidence, express your feelings, work out anger, relieve your stress and anxiety.
It is extremely cathartic, provides a channel for body memory and feelings to be fully expressed, but not into a bag, into a person who can contain your feelings and punches!
The therapy itself leans on the premise that learning to defend oneself and trust one's own reactions, is part of the actual therapeutic transformation.

When one can control their own fate when it comes to survival, especially if this was once compromised, it lends to confidence in everything else we want to change and accomplish.



Refreshing out of the box therapeutic techniques

Uplifting and empowering therapy for the whole person.
Talk therapy is available with or without boxing!  15 years + experience working with teens, trauma and addictions. Traditional training in CBT, DBT, Narrative and attachment therapies, mixed with refreshing out of the box creative techniques. Embark on a therapy journey that finally speaks to you as a whole person and invites you to heal deeply, develop fully and achieve your best version of yourself each and every day. My approach utilizes creative solutions for expression and growth and is enjoyable and positive. In person and online options are available.

Young Man in Therapy


Prevention + Intervention

Build confidence and personal strengths, while learning Krav Maga and boxing that can save your life. Super strengthening for kids and families to embark on the journey of expression, empowerment and growth together. Great for:

  • Bully Prevention

  • Aliya transition

  • Safety skills

  • Boundary setting

  • ADHD, Anxiety, Depression

  • Fitness, focus, feeling great

Book sessions for kids, Families, individuals and groups.

Boxing Gloves

Supervision For Therapists

Infuse fitness or boxing into your own practices for those hard to reach clients.

Drawing from 10 + years experience supervising and running individual and community based prevention and intervention programs for teens, trauma and addictions, I can not wait to delve into your cases with you. Together will see how you can incorporate fitness and empowerment into your therapy toolboxes, while bringing to the table a wealth of out of the box solutions for challenging clients.
Book a supervision session online or in person today.
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Therapy Session
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